"The Mission of HLAA is to open the world of

communication to people with hearing loss by providing

information, education, support and advocacy."



Meetings are free of charge, open to the public and will be held at

The Hearing and Speech Agency

5900 Metro Drive

Baltimore, MD 21215
(410) 318-6780



*Morning meetings held in the board room. Evening meetings in the auditorium are captioned, and have assistive listening devices. Both meetings are looped and have sign language interpretation.



**Just a reminder...The Hearing and Speech Agency follows openings and closings for Baltimore City Public School System (BCPSS).

Announcements will appear on local radio and TV stations. For example:     

      - If BCPSS are closed; The Hearing and Speech Agency is closed

      - If  BCPSS are open; The Hearing and Speech Agency is open

      - If BCPSS open 1 hour late; The Hearing and Speech Agency opens at 9 AM 

      - If BCPSS open 2 hours late; The Hearing and Speech Agency opens at 10 AM

New Brochures!!!
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The Hearing Loss Association of America of Greater Baltimore (HLAA-GBC).


The chapter hosts free monthly hearing loss meetings open to the public, as well as a summer picnic and winter holiday party.


Hearing loss meetings are held throughout the year, except for December, July, and August. 

 Please see our calendar for details.


September 17th, 2015
Speakers for HLAA night meeting....
Sept 17th meeting.pdf
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July 12th, 2015
HLAA Picnic
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New Brochures!!!
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June 11th, 2015
Games w/pizza..
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May 19th 2015...
Coffee and Dounuts..
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Speech Banana..
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Joe Elizondo
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Joe Duarte
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